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Horse Chestnut 6th-10th March

Next week’s learning:

English- We will be writing our endings to Greta and the Giant’s, writing suspensfully.

Maths – We will be looking at subtracting fractions. 

Big question – What does it mean to be human?


In Maths, we have been looking at adding fractions. To support our learning of this, we have been using bar models. This was really helpful, especially when it came to adding with mixed numbers too. At the end of the week, we looked at division. This time, we had to cross off the parts of the bar model we no longer needed. 


In English, we looked at the features of suspense writing and how we could make our writing interest the reader. Using techniques such as ellipsis, onomatopoeia and short sentences we can make our reader feel on the edge of their seat. We considered senses, feeling leaves and listening to noises to imagine being in a forest. This helped prepare us for our writing next week.


In this lesson, we looked at circuits. We thought about what an open circuit would be and open circuit and a closed circuit. We also thought about which circuit would work better. We needed a battery, bulb and two wires with crocodile clips to create a complete circuit.

Seed to tree:

This week we had our seed to tree morning and Golden Wood. We had so much fun walking to the wood and planting hedges. We had to dig holes in the ground and plant the trees. We then had to add a can and a spiral cover to protect it from deer. To further protect our planting, we covered it all with lots of mulch. It was a great morning and we got to learn about William who came over from Papua New Guinea to plant an oak tree on the school field.