Horse Chestnut 7th-11th February 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English – We are finishing learning about Newspaper Reports and writing our very own for our Big Write. 
Maths – We are coming to the end of our topic of Area and recapping what we’ve previously learnt in Fractions. 


In PE, we created our own Yoga routines using poses from past lessons. After we practised them, we then performed them to each other. 


In Maths, we looked at area. We made our own shapes with different by drawing and using post-it notes. We began by counting squares inside the shape to find out the area. We then progressed this onto calculating the area with given measurements. We learnt the formulas of width x length. We finished this week looking at comparing the area of two shapes. 


In English, we spent time gathering quotes as marine organisation specialists and learning about the classification of creatures. We did some role play as reporters on the scene and as officials from the classification organisation. We then performed some of this to the class. 

Forest Schools:

This week, the children were able to make dream catchers and they had bread and apples to cook on the fire. They also used a volcano kettle to boil me a cup of tea (lovely!). They also played a game of predator and prey and pretended to be seals!