Horse Chestnut 7th – 11th November

Next week’s learning:

English- continuing Escape from Pompeii.
Maths – practising tables up to 12 x 12.
Big Question – What do you love the most about you?


In maths, we have been looking at our 3,6 and 9 times table. We looked at commutativity, multiples, factors and products. We used our knowledge of the 3 times table to help us with our 6 times table by doubling and halving. We used arrays and made fact families of different tables. 


In English, we began the week looking at creating sensory descriptions. We then looked at a poem which features in our story, ‘Rumble down, tumble down’. We worked in groups to create our own versions before we performed them to the class. We ended the week by looking at powerful verbs and how they can make a sentence more exciting.


In PE, we started our new dance topic. We focused on the theme of spies. We practiced low and high movements to create levels. We then followed steps, using counts of 4, and performed a dance routine.


In science, we continued to look at solids liquids and gases. We did an experiment using lemonade and raisins. We noticed that because of the carbon dioxide within the bubbles, it made the raisins go up and down. We called this the raisin dance! We also looked at how when we open a bottle of fizzy drink it makes a noise because the gas is escaping. 

St Martin’s Day:

This week, we were really lucky to have a teacher visit us from Germany. We learnt some German, such as saying ‘hello,’ ‘I am’ and ‘I live in’. We then received some letters from children back in Germany. They were so lovely and it was great we were able to write letters back to them! We then learnt about the story of Saint Martin and how Germany gets ready for their Christmas festivities.