Horse Chestnut 8th – 12th November

Next week’s learning:

Maths – We will be moving onto our next Maths topic of Multiplication and Division.

English- We are coming to the end of Escape from Pompeii by rewriting the story ourselves. 

Science – We are continuing our States of Matter topic looking at Heating and Cooling.


In Maths, we have been deepening our understanding of lengths and measurement by looking at perimeter. We looked at what perimeter actually means and how to calculate it. We looked at rectilinear shapes and calculating perimeter on a grid. 


In English this week, the children have been looking at the different elements which make up a piece of narrative.  We’ve been recapping and extending our knowledge of fronted adverbial phrases and adjectives!


In Science, we explored the water cycle and it’s different stages. We developed our understanding of evaporation and condensation, then looked at precipitation and how the cycle starts all of again. We created our own precipitation model with blue coloured water and shaving foam in a cup. By adding drops of the blue food colouring it represented the precipitation coming down. 


Our geographical exploration led us to Glenridding and Newham. We looked at how places can change and why. We discovered that a natural disaster of a storm caused change to the village of Glenridding. We also found out the in Newham, they built the Olympic park on derelict land which was a human change. The children wrote some lovely sentences about this and used their key Geography vocabulary.