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Horse Chestnut 9th-12th May

Next week’s learning:

English- We are moving onto our new text and topic.
Maths – We are looking at time. 
Big question – Why should we respect others?



This week, we explored calculating with money. We used our knowledge of types of coins and their worth to support us with our calculating. We needed to use our knowledge of the 4 operations to support us with this also. We then moved onto solving word problems with money. This was a skill that required us to read the questions and use our mathematical knowledge. We then ended the week by playing shops! We had to take turns being the customer and shop keeper, giving the correct amount of change.


We continued our exploration on newspaper reports this week. We planned our conclusion and wrote our quotes. We then planned all the other elements we needed to create our newspapers. Then we put on our journalist hats and wrote them!


This week, we came to the end of our Electricity topic. We assessed our learning by playing an Escape the Power Station game! Then we showcased all we learnt by creating a double page spread.