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Horse Chestnut 9th-13th January

Next week’s learning:

English – writing a persuasive letter. 
Maths – formal written method in maths of column multiplication.
Big question – What does diversity mean to you?


In English this week, we have been writing diary entries in-role as our junkyard characters. We wrote about our day when we found our treasure. To fully understand a character, we did a drama warm-up game where we led with different body parts. This allowed us to feel like different characters. For example, when leading with our nose, we felt important but when leading with our hands we felt like zombies. Later in the week, we received a letter from the town council regarding the demolition of the junkyard to build new homes. We discussed as a class the reasons for and against this happening such as new homes but then the junkyard people would be without. After we gathers points for both sides of an argument, we debated this topic. 


This week, we have been focusing on multiplying by 100, extending our learning from the previous week where we learnt to multiply by 10. We furthered our understanding by looking at the inverse and dividing by both 10 and 1000. At the end of the week, we looked at related facts. If we knew that 2×3 is 6 then we could work out that 20×3 is 60 and that 200×3 is 600. 


This week, we started our new topic of Yoga. We began the lesson by sitting crossed legged and getting into the zone. We worked through the Mountain pose, Downward Dog, the Cobra, Cat pose and the Chair pose. Whilst completing these poses we chanted ‘I am brave, kind, friendly and resilient’. At the end of the lesson, we reflected on our mood and how we felt. 


We began our new Geography topic this week, looking at sustainability and what that actually meant. We focused our learning on sustainable and non sustainable resources. We studied different images showing both sustainable and non-sustainable things. We had to decide if they had high or low levels of sustainability. We learnt new vocabulary such as renewable sources like wind and solar power. Then we looked at non-renewable items such as coal and oil. We also discussed how we can be sustainable for ourselves such as eating healthy and exercising.