Horse Chestnut 9th – 13th May 2022z

Next week’s learning: 

Maths- we are moving onto our new topic of time.

English – we are looking at explanation texts.


In maths, we have been exploring money. We have looked at coins and their value. We then explored how many pennies make a pound and converting between pounds and pence. This led us onto estimating and rounding money before we then added and subtracted it. Finally, we looked at solving problems using all four operations.


In English, we explored play-scripts more. We looked at characters in Cinder, and how we could perform as them. We then began planning our own play scripts, rewriting them with swapped genders. We focused on Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. 


In science, we explored how sound can have different pitches. We looked at certain sounds having a low pitch but they could also have a high or low amplitude (volume). We also looked at sounds with a high pitch. To experiment with different sounds, we used several instruments to see how we could make those different pitches.