Horse Chestnut Class 10th-14th October

Next weeks’ learning:

Maths- We are coming to the end of our addition and subtraction unit. 
English – We will be writing our diary entries.
Big Question- If you could ask God anything, what would it be?


In maths this week we have been looking at subtracting two 4-digit numbers. We began by subtracting with no exchange, then built on this by making multiple exchanges. We then looked at different methods of subtraction and which ones were more effective. We looked at the compensation method, column and finding the difference.


In English, we began by looking at the features of a diary entry. We then looked at the past tense and how regular and irregular verbs are changed to show that something has already happened. 


In PE, we explored the role of the batter. We practised holding the bat with one hand hitting it with a sideways stance. We went it to pairs to practise our under arm throw and hitting skills before then playing mini games in groups of 5.


In History, we became archeologists. We looked a lots of different artefacts from Roman Britain, such as coins and photographs of ruins and other objects. We then looked at Roman archeology sites in the Uk such as Hadrian’s Wall and Chester Amphitheatre. 

Roman Enrichment day:

This week, we had our Roman enrichment day. We began making our masks inspired by Roman theatre. We filled bags with sand and moulded them to make a face shape. We then used our thumbs to gently imprint a mouth and two eyes. We then used paper-mache  paste and newspaper to build layers of our masks and create 3D features. We also had a Roman banquet! We all sat in a circle on some cushions in true Roman style. We had some grapes, apples, pears, cheese, biscuits, chicken and bread! It was great to see the children enjoying these different foods. We then ended the day making mosaic inspired pictures.