Horse Chestnut Class 14th-18th February 2022

Learning after half term:

English- We will be looking at a new text and exploring character description. 
Maths – We will be looking fractions. 
Science – We will be looking at electricity. 


In Maths, we briefly looked at fractions, recapping what we had learnt in previous years at school. We looked at the key vocabulary in fractions like the denominator and numerator. We also used multi link cubes to represent fractions in different ways. 



In English, we came to the end of our Newspaper reports by writing our Big Writes. We also ended the week looking at Acrostic Poems, creating our own. 


In Computing, we have been doing a book review on Greta Thunberg’s life story. We have all worked together to make this and create this page! We also looked at websites such as Newsround, Disney Store and Cbeebies. On these websites, we looked at what features  they have such as links, videos, images, titles and games! 
Below is our book review on Greta Thunberg by Maria Isabel: 

What is the story about?

The story is about climate change. – Amelia

It is about Greta saving our world. – Isla

It is about a girl saving our universe. – Arabella

A girl that helped climate. – Savannah

It is trying to send a message, don’t litter. – Lacey

Her trying to save the planet. – Luke

Her trying to stop climate change. – Henry

The story is about Greta Thunberg trying to stop climate change. – George D

What did I like about it?

 Her inspiration to save the world and stop climate change. – Frank

That she is trying to save our planet. – George H

I love the fact that the book encourages people to take care of the planet. -Italia

It inspires the readers to stop littering and destroying animals we haven’t even discovered-

I like that she saves the planet. – Aurora

I like that she is brave. – Spencer

I enjoyed hearing about Greta’s life. – Mabel

I like how Greta was son motivating and inspiring. – Florence

What didn’t I like about it?

I am not a fan of the polar bears losing their homes. – Reuben

I didn’t like how the story ended. – Aleshia

I don’t like how the story doesn’t have a lot of mystery. – Scarlett

That she’s missing school. – Logan


What I don’t like about it is that she has selective mutism. – Samuel

What I don’t like about it that the planet warms up. – Max