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Horse Chestnut Class 20th-24th March

Next week’s learning:

English – We will be continuing our work on non-chronological reports. 
Maths – We will be looking at decimals on a number line. 
Big question – 


In maths this week we began by looking at tenths in a place value chart. This required to think about our previous learning on place value from the start of year 4. This time, we had to look after the decimal point and not just before it. We discovered that after the decimal point we have tenths. We thought about the previous weeks learning of what tenths are and their value. This helped us create different decimals on a place value chart. We also looked at hundredths as fractions, decimals and then on a place value chart also. We learnt that hundredths are further down the place value chart after the tenths. 


This week we finished writing the ending of Greta and the Giants. We then moved onto our new topic, non-chronological reports! We are writing them on the Amazon Rainforest. We began by looking at the features of a non-chronological report. We noticed they had sub headings, fact boxes and lots of information to educate the reader about that topic. We then spent some time on the iPads researching all the information we needed to make our own reports.


In Geography, we looked at why the Amazon Rainforest is so wet and humid. We looked at where most rainforests are located, and this is along the equator. We then discussed what humid meant and if we’ve ever felt humidity. We spotted the Amazon rainforest on a map. We compared the weather and climate in the Amazon and Lawshall. We showed our findings as weather reporters!

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