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Horse Chestnut Class 24th-28th April

Next week’s learning:

Maths – we are starting our new money topic, comparing pounds and notes. 
English – we are looking at newspaper writing. 
Big Question -Do you always learn from your mistakes?


In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering decimals. We had to use our knowledge of place value to ensure we did this correctly. It was important we looked at the ones column, then moved onto looking at the tenths and so on. This is a skill we will use in our money topic. We also rounded decimals to the nearest whole number. We used new vocabulary, like integer, in this lesson.


In English, we have been consolidating our understanding of what is needed in a play-script. We looked at an example of a good script using all the features. We looked at the importance of stage directions, having a go at some acting. We also looked at an example that needed a bit of fixing. This helped develop our editing skills too. We ended the week by writing our gender swapped versions of Little Red Riding Hood.


We had our first History lesson this week and it was great to become Egyptologists. We explored an ancient Egyptian artefact, spotting different things we noticed on it. We then created a time line of the main dates and events during the time period. 

Mosaic making:

This week, the children had a fantastic experience of making mosaics for a display. A couple of months ago, the children drew some mini-beasts. These were enlarged and traced onto big, foam leaves. The children had to cut the tiles themselves with a special tool and safety goggles. They then secured the tiles with a special cement mix. 


In Science, we looked at conductors and insulators of electricity. We had several materials, wood, plastic, cotton and coins. We created our circuits and then connected the materials one at a time. If they were a conductor, the bulb would light up because the electrons could move freely. If it doesn’t light up, the materials are insulators. This meant the electrons couldn’t really move. The objects containing metal were conductors but the wool and wood were insulators.