Horse Chestnut Class 2nd -9th September 2022

Next week’s learning:

English – Continuing our work on Fables. 
Maths – Continuing to look at place value up to 10,000.
Big question- What do you love about being part of your family?

Our first day, Friday 2nd September:


In Maths this week, we have been looking at Place value. We began by looking at the place value of 3 digit numbers. We then moved onto looking at thousands. Using dienes and place value counters, we represented these numbers. We also looked at partitioning, thinking about the place value of each digit. 


In English, we have begun looking at Aesop’s Fables. At the start of the week, we listened to audio retellings of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ and ‘The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse’. We discussed as a class the plots and the morals of them are. We then moved onto looking at the ‘Wolf and Lamb’. We discussed Wolf’s excuses to eat Lamb and Lamb’s quick responses. We recorded these as speech bubbles before extending these with features of direct speech.


In P.E, we looked at the different roles in a game of rounders, the batter, baller, back stop and fielders. We then practiced different skills like catching and throwing. 



In Science, we began looking at our new topic; Living things and their habitats. We looked at different living things and what they have in common. We used the anagram MRS GREN to aid our learning and remember the different things that make an organism what it is. We then grouped animals into Venn diagrams.