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Horse Chestnut Class 3rd – 7th October

Next week’s learning:

English – We are continuing to look at diary entries and Escape from Pompeii.
Maths – We are looking at addition and subtraction. 
Big question – Why is it important to forgive others?


In maths, we have been exploring adding two 4-digit numbers. We began the week by adding with no exchange. This meant each column in our place value never went higher than 9. We used column method to support our learning and show our working out. We then moved on to addition with exchanges. This meant we then needed to regroup numbers into a new column. We also revisited the word commutative with addition, which means we can put any number in the sum first because it will always get the same answer. 


This week, we recapped Escape from Pompeii and looked at the key points of the story. This then lead onto us creating our own story maps where we drew pictures of the key moments with some key words. 


In science, we looked at our local environment and what potential dangers there could be to cause negative impacts on plants, animals and insects. We discussed how human changes such as buildings and litter. We looked at a habitat in our school field and completed a local environment survey. We sketched the area and labelled what we felt could negatively impact nature.


In computing this week, we looked at bots. We discussed bots we have come across such as Alexa, Siri and beebots. We thought about the benefits and risks of bots and used this to create our own class bots to help in the classroom.


In PE, we focused on the role of the fielder. We practiced bowling and catching techniques. We looked at a technique of stopping the ball with the side of our foot. We then looked at our overarm throw when acting as fielder.



This week we had our harvest celebration at the church. We sung harvest themed hymns and discussed the importance of giving and receiving food. Some of the children went up and created meals such as mashed spider and boiled fish!