Horse Chestnut Class 7th – 10th June 2022

Next week’s learning:

Maths – focusing on different angles and turns. 
English – continuing to look at the Egyptian Cinderella.
Science – inventors.


In maths, we looked at statistics. We began by recapping what we knew from Year 3. Our first graph was bar graphs and we collected data as a class for the mode of transport we all use to get to school. Using this, we then moved on to looking at pictograms. As a class, we decided to collect the data of favourite sports. Once we had created the pictograms, we answered questions comparing the data and finding the sum and difference. Finally, we looked at line graphs and plotted the data of how much a plant grew in 6 weeks. 


In English, we began our new text The Egyptian Cinderella. The story follows a slave called Rhodopis who is treated badly by the servant girls. She is gifted a golden slipper by her master who was kind. As the servant girls go to a court held by the Pharaoh Amasis, Rhodopis is made to stay behind. The God Horus steals the slipper and gives it to Amasis which leads him to Rhodopis. We compared this story with the traditional version, and made predictions of how we thought the characters may differ. We then explored the characters by comparing them with comparative conjunctions. 


In history, we looked at what ancient Egyptians did for fun. We began by looking at different sources showing the types of entertainment they had. We looked at pictures of marbles, leather balls, tomb paintings and a game called Hounds and Jackals. We then followed this by playing a game called Senet. We used 6 lollipop sticks with one side coloured to act as our dice. We then used coloured counters to move across the board. The winner is the first player to get all their counters off the board.