Horse Chestnut Class 7th-11th March

Next Week’s Learning:

English – We will be writing with suspense.
Maths – We will be adding and subtracting fractions. 
Science – We will be continuing to look at Electricity. 


In Maths, we have been doing lots on fractions. We began the week by recapping tenths and identifying and counting in them. We then moved onto looking at equivalent fractions and using both diagrams and number lines to help us. We also created fraction walls to help us see the equivalent fractions. 


In English, we have been looking at character descriptions and ways we can describe the characters in our story. We began by writing descriptions of Greta, creating similes and expanded noun phrases to create in-depth descriptions. We then did the same for the Giants, which lead us onto learning about antonyms and synonyms. We ended this week by comparing the two characters in a comparative piece.  


In Science, we continued learning about electricity and looked at the different appliances that use electricity and what types. For example, we found that hair dryers use mains electricity and a torch uses battery electricity. We put our findings into tables and venn diagrams. We also played a game about being safe around electricity and learnt lots about what not do when around electricity.


In PE, we looked at fitness and ways that we can be fit. We took part in 20m sprints and played a game called beat the cone. We discussed what part of our bodies we use to help with this type of fitness, our elbows at 90 degrees and running on the balls of our feet. 

Brazil Day:

We had a great celebration of all things Brazil this Friday. It was great to see the children enjoying the day completing different activities.