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Horse Chestnut Class 15th-19th May

Next week’s learning:

English – Frindleswylde
Maths – time 
Science – vibrations 


This week we started our new topic, Frindleswylde. We started by making predictions on who or what we thought Frindleswylde is. We wrote out predictions with evidence from the text and using subordinating conjunctions to support this. We read more of the story and read about a snowy scene. Using noun phrases and abstract nouns, we wrote letters to granny describing the snowy scene on the cottage. The story led us onto the part where Cora, our main character, has to decide whether to follow Frindleswylde down the whole or not. Using a decision alley and voting ballots, we voted on what we thought Cora should do. We ended the week by recapping dialogue and using direct speech.


In Maths, we began learning about time. We recapped what we knew already on clocks. Practising o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We then looked at converting between analogue and digital times. We secured our understanding that 12:00am is midnight and 12:00pm is midday. 


We started our new topic on sounds. We went outside and listened to all the sounds we could hear. We then discussed that the reason why we could hear these sounds is through vibrations and sound waves. We then played a game where we had to guess the sounds of different objects. 


This week, we practiced making different shades of green. We used the medium of watercolour to create green using the primary colours, blue and yellow. 


In History, we looked at some of the different Pharaohs. We all had a card containing information about a Pharaoh. We then went around the room and introduced ourselves as the different Pharaohs and writing their information into a table. We then learnt about all the precious things Pharaohs would have buried in their tomb or sarcophagus with them. We then designed our own sarcophagi using important symbols such as an ankh, a crook and flail and a scarab beetle.