Lime 23rd – 27th November 2020

Next weeks learning:

Maths: Multiplication and division- dividing by 4
English: Instruction writing
Science: Animals including humans


During our History lesson this week, we looked at Skara Brae. The children loved finding out all about the Stone- Age farming settlement that was uncovered after a strong storm! We created fact files based on Skara Brae and all things that featured in a stone- age settlement. 


The children loved our PE lesson this week. We continued looking at moving like machines and focused on ‘repelling’. The class created a routine in small groups looking at different parts of the body repelling against each other. We then showcased our routines to the class. 


During our Science lesson this week, we looked at labelling the bones in the body. We looked at a skeleton and looked at labelling the bones. We played bone bingo and discussed the names of all the bones in the body. We then ventured outside to draw around each other in chalk, labelling the bones on our own bodies. 


In English this week we have been planning and creating shape poems based on The Stone Age Boy. We started the week by looking at the features of shape poems and what we needed to include. We then planned our own and finally created them today. The ideas that the children came up with were so creative. I was so impressed. 


In art we are focusing on drawing. We have been using our pencils in different ways and at different angels to create marks and shading. We also looked into cave art and how cave drawings are made. As a class we created our own cave drawings, we stuck paper to the bottoms of our table and imagined we were drawing onto a cave.