Lime 10th-14th October 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English: editing a piece of writing 

Maths: subtraction with exchanges

Science: recapping all of our learning on light 

Big Question: Why is it important to forgive others? 


In English this week we discussed the themes of the book that we have been reading – Nen and the lonely fisherman. We looked at some key themes  and identified them in relation to our zones of relevance circle. We had a great class discussion and debate around the themes that should be most relevant and least relevant to the story. 


During our RE lesson this week we continued to look at the religion of Christianity and the topic of salvation. We looked at the organisation Salvation Army and looked at a photo created by the creator of salvation army titled “who cares?”

we studied this photo in depth and discussed all the possibilities of each character. We then split into half of a class being the people in the water and the other half being on the stage. We then played tap it, where if you were tapped he was a voice your opinion at that moment in time. I was so impressed with the level of thought that went into each characters statement.


In Science this week, we continued to look at shadows and how they are formed. We conducted an experiment to see what the difference to the size of the shadow was compared with how far away the light source was from the object. We realised that the closer the light to the object the bigger the shadow was. Great experimenting Year 3!