Lime 10th-15th May 2021

Next weeks learning:

English: Arthur and The Golden Rope – Writing our own myth

Maths: Time- 24 hour clock 

Science: Forces and Magnets 


In maths this week we introduced our new topic of time. We looked at the clock face at the minute and our hand and played a relay game into teams to create a clockface. We then re-kept both O’clock and half past and discussed quarter past and quarter to. Towards the end of the week we looked at the days of the month and the order of the months. We discussed the concept of a leap year and then to song to help us remember how many days in each month.


In English this week we looked at dialogue and punctuating speech. We looked at the next part of our class text and discussed feelings and thoughts from certain characters. We then moved our speech on by creating role-play and enjoyed performing to the rest of the class.

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week was mental health awareness week, the theme for this year was connecting with nature. As part of our learning this week we tied this in with our growing of some sunflowers. They class each planted their own sunflower and have been very responsible in watering the plants.


This week in science we had great fun conducting an experiment investigating how strong different magnets where. We looked at a range of different magnets and their strengths and then put our results into a bar chart.