Lime 11th- 15th July 2022

Next Week's learning:

English: Alliterative phrases

Maths: Capacity and Volume 

Science: Working Scientifically 


In Science this week we looked at using magnetic forces to create a game. We then played it with our friends. The class were challenged to a scavenger hunt of clues and questions to recap all their learning of magnets. 


This week we had a special treat of being able to read our class book outside. The class enjoyed asking lots of questions about the Greek Myths. 


Our English lessons this week were based around Theseus’ adventure into the labyrinth. We hot seated Ariadne and talked about inferring how Theseus would be feeling using show not tell tool. 


Our maths unit this week has progressed from learning about mass to capacity and volume. We started our capacity unit with a practical activity looking at using measuring cylinders and the correct unit of measurement.