Lime 12th -16th September 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Writing a narrative using a success criteria 

Maths: Number lines to 1000 

Science: Reflective surfaces 

Big Question:


In maths this week we have continued focusing on place value and using place value counters to create 3 digit numbers. We also looked at flexible partitioning and made numbers using base 10. The class were then able to partition the number in lots of different ways.


Our English lessons this week have been based around our class text – The Last Garden. The class have produced some fantastic writing using abstract nouns. We looked at clauses and joining a subordinate clause with a conjunction. The class really impressed me with their collaboration skills. 


We used torches this week to investigate reflective materials and what materials would be good to reflect light. The children worked in groups to decide the materials they were going to use and then investigate them.