Lime 13th-16th April 2021

Next weeks learning:

English: Arthur and The Golden Rope – Narrative writing and character description
Maths: Fractions- finding a tenth 
Science: Forces and Magnets 

Compost Bin-Homework task

During the Easter holidays the class was set some homework to create their own compost bin. The children had great fun building their own put compost bin and sourcing worms to add. Some of the children shared photos with the rest of the class and others brought theirs in to be housed in our garden area.


During our spelling lessons this week we have been looking at the prefix ‘un’. We then added the prefix to a variety of root words together as a class.


We started our new class book this week in English. Arthur and the golden Rope. We looked at why Arthur was an unlikely hero and we discussed what we thought the features of a hero or heroine would be. 


In maths this week we have started our new learning unit on fractions. We started the week by finding and identifying a half. We then moved on to quarters and finished the week finding and identifying thirds. The class loved using manipulative to physically divide the fractions into thirds.