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Lime 13th – 17th March 2023

Next Week's Learning:

English: Play script writing 

Maths: Measuring capacity- millilitres and litres

Science: Investigating what a plant needs to grow 


In English this week we have started our new unit based on a film clip ‘soar’. The children made predictions and created character descriptions for the main character Mara. We discussed a range of vocabulary choices and ranked them in an order of relevance. We also looked at inside out descriptions and describing both her appearance and personality. 


In science this week we were thinking about plants and what they need to grow. We decided to carry out an experiment testing different environments and factoring in what plants need to grow. We split into groups based on the question we were investigating I wrote out a method to test our plants and their growth next week. Some groups decided to test whether plants would survive with no heat or no light or no water. 

Science enrichment day

The whole school took part in a fantastic science enrichment day.

 We carried out a range of investigations and experiments; investigating finger prints with Mrs Marsden, making parachutes with different materials with Mrs Bolton,  making and testing string telephones with Mrs Kemp, looking at food chains with Miss Woolacott, Investigating milk and colouring with Mr Noonan, investigating vibrations with Miss Brill and investigating ‘chemical reactions’ with Mrs Millyard.

We tried hard to be great scientists and showed; curiosity, patience and perseverance as well as displaying our learning behaviours of collaboration and creativity.