Lime 13th-17th September

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Persuasive writing and debating 

Maths: 10 and 100 more and less 

Science: Light- transparent, translucent and opaque materials 


This week in maths we looked at number lines. We took part in lots of activities to demonstrate the number lines intervals and how we can find other numbers on the number line. We played a human number line game and had lots of active class participation with the interactive whiteboard looking at place value. 


We have had great fun in our spelling lessons this week. We started looking at contractions and words before their contracted form, we played a game why you needed to find your contraction family. The class thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and were able to locate words before and after their contracted form!


This was our second music lesson of the term and the class loved performing the song that they have been learning. I think you can tell from the video that they might have missed being able to sing aloud! 


In RE this week we looked at the question of how Jesus got his title as King. We looked at the statue of Christ the King and then watched a video of Jesus entering Nazareth on a donkey. The pictures are showing us re-enacting the moment that Jesus entered on a donkey and the crowds reactions. We then annotated our pictures of what we thought the crowds might be saying.


In PE this week we continued looking at athletics and the key skills for running. We started off my warming up our bodies. The class were set the task of creating their own warm up. We then watched videos of some athletics from the olympics and took part in a relay race.