Lime 14th-18th December 2020-Christmas week!

Our Christmas message...


This year the christingle service was slightly different (like most things this year!) The children loved learning more about what the christingle represents and how to create one themselves. They worked in small groups to label the different aspects of the christingle and then made their own following the video shared with us from Ely Cathedral. We then all engaged with the Cathedral Service in the afternoon and listened to hymns. The Children were extremely excited to see the video of the All Saints badge shown on our hand drawn christingle in the church.

Christmas Party and celebrations

As the children have worked so hard this term, they have been rewarded with lots of Christmas treats this week. We were lucky enough to have a class party with party food, pass the parcel and some musical bumps! As always the children showed kindness and teamwork amongst all the games! 

Pantomime- Sleeping Beauty

The children were lucky enough to watch the pantomime this week. They absolutely loved interacting with the cast and the personalised aspect of the whole production. It was a very magical morning and the children were able to enjoy the experience of the pantomime from the comfort of our classroom. The classroom was transformed with numbered seats with tickets and some snacks to eat alongside. 


The children have loved doing French this term. They have been learning all about classroom objects and things that they would find in their school bags and how to say them in French. The children were challenged to have some small conversations in French with their partners about what is in their school bag.