Lime 14th – 18th February 2022

After half term learning:

English: Ocean Meets Sky – setting descriptions

Maths: Statistics and interpreting data 

Science: plants 


We started a new unit alarm at selling this week – statistics. We started the week exploring and recapping tally charts and making tally’s.We then moved on to looking at pictograms and gathering data to record them. We discussed the scale and the key and looked at it recording half scales. We finished the week by creating our own tally chart and pictograms.

Natural Disaster projects

Wow! What a fantastic effort lime class. I am so impressed with everybody’s natural disaster projects. Everybody works so hard I was so creative with all of their designs and their efforts. We finished our learning on natural disasters this week with writing a non-chronological report. It’s safe to say lime class know a lot about natural disasters. Well done!