Lime 14th- 18th March 2022

Next Weeks Learning:

English: Setting description – Ocean meets sky

Maths – Adding and subtracting lengths

Science – Why are bees important to farming?

Brazil Enrichment Day

During Brazil day the whole school took part in lots of different activities all linked to learning more about Brazil. We created headdresses for the carnival and learnt all about the four day carnival. The class rotated around each class and took part in: food tasting, learning about the rainforest, samba dancing, Portuguese lessons, football and learning more about the flag. 


We have had a very exciting week in our English lessons. We have been reading more of our class text – ocean meets sky. We created a boat based on the instructions we wrote for Finn. We then set sail on our class boat and recording some fantastic descriptions in our captain’s logs. I was blown away by the creativity the class used to record their fantastic magical adventures. I’m excited to read your big writes next week!


This week we have been learning about Length and perimeter. We have been converting between cm and m and mm and cm. We measured each other and then we completed a jumping activity to see how much we could jump. We compared different lengths using comparison symbols as well as shorter than, longer than and the same as.


In PE this week we focused on our throwing and catching. We played some different games where the children had to use different types of passes to their partner. We teamed up and had a competition of which team could get a rally of ten passes and catches without dropping the ball!