Lime 15th – 20th November 2021

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Shape poems 

Maths: Multiplication and division 

Science: Skeleton types 


We’ve had some fantastic practical maths lessons this week looking at sharing into equal groups. We used the base 10 to represent are sharing into equal groups and using that to form a division number sentence. Once we had formed a division number sentence we were able to use our inverse operation to create our multiplication number sentence. The Children showed great stickability and teamwork working in small groups to create their stem sentences and physical manipulative representations. 


Lime class put their choreography skills to the test this week in our PE lessons. We continued looking at our stimulus of machines and created some choreography based around pushing/pulling and spinning. We worked to 8 counts fitted our could choreography to those counts. The children really impressed me this week with their creativity!


During our history lesson this week we looked at hunting and gathering in the Stone Age. We put our hunter gatherer hats on and went out into or outside area. We had discussed what a threat and an asset was and examined the outside area for any possible assets if we were in the Stone Age era and also what they would protect us against. For example we identified the outdoor classroom would be an asset of shelter and it would be able to protect us against the threat of bad weather.