Lime 16-20th November 2020


In our Maths lessons this week we have been looking at making equal groups and sharing into equal groups. We used our base ten to help us calculate some tricky division problems. The children showed fantastic team work and stickability to complete the tasks.


In our History lesson this week, we continued to learn more about The Stone Age. We were hunter-gathers outside and used different resources to think about the threats and assets we would need to survive in the stone age period. 


In PE this week we have continued to engage with our dance unit. We have been looking at moving like a machine. This week we created a 32 count routine to show a machine breaking down. The children showed such creativity and really enjoyed performing their finished routines. 


In our English work this week we have been planning and writing our own narrative based on our class text The Stone Age boy. The Children produced some fantastic writing and impressed me with their creativity and vocabulary.