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Lime 16th-20th January 2023

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Writing our own explanation text

Maths: multiplication and division – Scaling 

Science: Fossilisation process 

Big Question: What is beauty?


If English this week we have gone deeper on our journey to the centre of the Earth. We stopped off at the coal layer and looked at the coal mines. We used our fact-finding skills to map everything we know about mines and who works down there. In our next lesson we created a small drama piece between two of job roles in the mines and wrote out a dialogue between them both.


Our topic in geography has been extreme earth. This week we focus more on the Christchurch earthquakes and the effect that they have had on New Zealand. We used our map skills to locate the different areas of New Zealand and compare them on their magnitude with a colour coded key.


In our yoga unit this week we looked at creating new flows using different poses that we created. The children worked in groups of 4 to create a four pose flow.