Lime 17th- 21st January 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English: writing our own explanation text

Maths: dividing with remainders 

Science: fossilisation process 


In PE this week we continued to learn our key yoga poses. We looked at stretching and posture. We then got into small groups are created a sequence of moves as a routine. We started and finished our routines in the namaste pose.


In RE this week we have been studying the religion of Hinduism. We discussed today process of reincarnation and we also looked at the basis of the religion snakes and ladders.. We started by dividing the tables into each of the reincarnations steps we then were given able to sit it. We needed to play against our table ready to win. After we were able to move up the tables and hopefully get to table 6 which was human and had sweets iPads and colouring on.


In English this week we continued our journey to the centre of the Earth. We insured down underneath the clay layer and found ourselves in the coalmines. The children did some investigating into coalmines and what coal was used for. We then imagined ourselves as children work in the car mode MikeWe then imagined ourselves as children working in the coal mines and  created some drama pieces to demonstrate this.