Lime 19th -23rd April 2021

Next weeks Learning:


English: Arthur and The Golden Rope – Narrative writing an adventure narrative
Maths: Fractions- equivalent decimals
Science: Forces and Magnets


In PE this week we were continuing with our fitness unit. We looked at using our upperbody strength in our warmup exercises and did a circuit exercise of push-ups, sit ups, squats and planks. We then used our upper body strength in a mini tug-of-war tournament, which as you can see from the pictures, the children loved.


In maths this week we have been looking at unit fractions and non-unit fractions. We used chocolate to represent our fractions and as a class used visual representations to work out a half, quarters, thirds and then we started looking at working out tenths towards the end of the week.


We began our new science unit this week. We began by looking at our new vocabulary on our working wall and then looked at the two forces, push and pull. We then identified the different forces are lots of pictures around the classroom.


In history this week we continued learning about the ancient Greeks. We looked at the word democracy and that it originated from Ancient Greece. We then looked at who was involved in the democracy in Ancient Greece and compared it to the UK today.