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Lime 20th – 25th March 2023

Next Week’s Learning:

English: writing our own play script

Maths: equivalent volumes

Science: The job of the stem 


In English this week we have been studying playscripts and writing dialogue. We have watched a short film called soar which has no talking it it. We looked at inferring what the characters might be saying and write our first scene of the play. We discussed stage directions and how they could impact how a line was delivered. We had a go at delivering the line using three different stage directions. We then discussed how each time was very different. 


Our RE unit this half term has been seek ism. We have looked at gurus and the Guru founder Guru Nanak. This week we looked at how Guru Nanak became a Guru. We split the story into three parts and each looked at how we thought Guru Nanak found God and banished labels.