Lime 20th-25th September 2021

Next weeks learning:

English: Performance poetry 

Maths: addition and subtraction

Science: light 


This week in PE we continued with our athletics unit. We focussed on different types of jumps and focused on the things we can do to help us achieve the furthest jumps. 


In computing this week we continued looking at sending emails. The children were set the challenge of adding an attachment to an email to send to me. As you can imagine,  the thought of sending me pictures of cute dogs and sweets was extremely entertaining!


We have had a great week in our English lessons. We read up to the part in our book where Leon needed to make a decision whether he was going to enter the magical box or not. We had a class debate about whether we were for or against Leon entering the box. The children then wrote a persuasive piece of writing stating their opinions and justifying it with persuasive emotive reasons. Towards the end of the week we started looking more at circus’ and magic shows. We tried out some stilts and circus apparatus to get an idea for how the magicians and circus performs move.


Our DT unit this term is moving monsters. We will be creating our own moving monsters that require a pneumatic system to move (a system that requires air to work) we explored syringes and balloons and how the air made the balloon move in preparation for our own models.


In Maths this week we continued with our place value unit. We looked at creating different amounts using face 10 and then compare them using are greater than less than or equal to symbols.