Lime 22nd-26th March 2021

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Arthur and The Golden Rope. Narrative writing and character description

Maths: Fractions 

Science: Rocks, Fossils and Soils


In Science this week we continued to learnt more about Fossils,Rocks and Soils. We learn about Mary Anning’s life and her contribution to palaeontology. We also learnt about a compost bin and looked into how to make one for our homework task this week.  


In our spelling lesson this week we looked at the National Curriculum spellings for year 3/4. We enjoyed testing each other. We also recapped for contractions and used the contraction bricks to make a contraction of the two contracted words. 


In PE this week we looked at sprinting and the strategies we needed to improve our sprinting. We worked in pairs and gave our partners feedback on their sprinting techniques and of course we loved having a class race to implement our strategies. 



The class had a great afternoon with Mr Mison doing RE. They enjoyed learning about the story of Rama and Sita and the duties that Hindus have.

Easter Fun

Lime class had lots of fun this morning creating Easter craft using lots of skills. We then enjoyed our Easter maths lesson navigating our way around the field to answer the maths questions hidden on the back of our eggs. We then used our baking skills to create some tasty Easter nest cakes. Yum!