Lime 23rd – 26th May 2022

After half term learning:

English: Kenning poems 

Maths: Time – Am and PM

Science: Working scientifically  

Papa New Guinea enrichment day

This morning we had a very special visit from Elizabeth Clarke and her good friend Hannah. We learnt so much about the culture of Papa New Guinea. We got to see some fantastic pictures and look at and use some of the belongings brought back to us from Papa New Guinea. We then went to look at William’s tree which is planted at the back of our school field. William was the man who created our global link with Papa New Guinea back in 1992.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Our history unit this term has been thinking about ancient Greece. We have been learning about key aspects of ancient Greek life and learnt more about the Olympics. We looked at modern day Olympic sports and compare them to sports that were part of the ancient Greek Olympics. The children were amazed at some of the sports that were part of the ancient Greek Olympics.


In maths this week we have been working on our time. In small groups we tried to beat the clock, by making times on our clock. We focused on minutes past and minutes to and moved on to telling the time to the nearest minute.


In English this week we have been reading more of our text Arthur and the golden rope. We wrote a first person narrative based on Arthur‘s trip across the seas and then re-enacted some small drama pieces for when Arthur meets Thor.