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Lime 24th – 28th April 2023

Next Week's Learning:

English: Diary features and writing a diary entry 

Maths: Money and recognising coins 

Science: Magnets 


During our maths lessons this week we have been looking at finding non-unit fractions of a set amount. We working in groups to find non-unit fractions of amounts by sharing out counters into a bar model. The children showed fantastic collaboration skills and teamwork. 


In Science this week we looking at seed dispersal as part of the life cycle of a plant. We discussed the different ways that seeds can be dispersed and the children created some small drama pieces to demonstrate the dispersal. We had water, carrying by animals and wind. 


As part of our sentence structure lessons in English, we looked at using show not tell. We worked in groups to pair together the show not tell actions to their appropriate feeling or emotion. 


We have started our new Art unit on collage. We started the unit by discussing the work of Paul Klee and looking at some of his work. We then created our own sketch based on one of his collages.