Lime 24th – 28th January 2022


In our Geography lessons this term we have been learning all about Earthquakes. This week we focused on the reason that New Zealand has so many earthquakes. We discovered that the two tectonic plate boundaries meet underneath the island of New Zealand. We heard from a citizen that lives in New Zealand and listened to what you should do if there is an Earthquake. Drop, cover, hold! 


In Yoga this week we continued to practice our poses from the last two weeks and also learnt two new poses. We practised tabletop and also Childs pose. The children loved Childs pose as it really got them to feel a strong stretch through their body. 


In science this week, we looked at Mary Anning and her contribution to palaeontology. We discussed what palaeontology was and a palaeontologists job. We looked at the different types of fossils Mary had discovered and the children were fascinated by her life story. We then went on to answer a comprehension based on Mary Anning and her life.


In music this term we are looking at Bob Marley and his song three Little birds. I hope you’ll agree that this was a beautiful rendition by lime class and I think we’ve got some newfound Bob Marley fans!