Lime 26th – 29th April 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Writing and planning a short adventure story 

Maths: Fractions of an amount 

Science: Forces – push and pull 


In computing this week we started our new unit on book trailers. We watched two examples of book trailers and discussed the importance of sound effects and music. In our computing partners we picked a book that we are going to create our own book trailer for. We used a storyboard to pick out the main events that we wanted to feature in our book trailer and the sound effects to go with them.


Our new unit in RE is based around reconciliation. We started our unit by discussing what reconciliation is and what we can do to help the peacemakers I will reconcile with our friends. We looked at a story about three boys that had had a disagreement and fallout and how one of the boys what’s the peacemaker and reconciled their friendship. We created freeze frames to show this and then used clay to create a symbol for reconciliation.


Lime class we are super excited to start our new unit and history on ancient Greeks. We started to eat it by looking at who the ancient Greeks are and where the country of Greece is located. We then looked at the different areas that make up the timeline of the ancient Greek ruling and used our time light skills to order the events in a chronological order.