Lime 26th-30th April 2021

Next weeks Learning:

English: Arthur and The Golden Rope – Diary entries Maths: Fractions- finding unit and non-unit fractions Science: Forces and Magnets- friction

Captain Tom 100

As today was Captain Tom’s birthday we decided to learn more about him and all the money that he raised for wonderful NHS. As a class, we took part in the hundred challenges we created tally charts looking at 100 different colour counters and then we had a challenge amongst the class to create a line of £100 coins.


In science this week we looked at friction. We carried out an investigation to see what surfaces created the most friction. We used a ramp covered with different services investigated investigated which one caused the most friction for a car to travel down. We then concluded to see whether our predictions were correct and which surface created the most friction.


In maths this week We have looked at converting between decimals and fractions, finding equivalent fractions and finding unit and non-unit fractions. We use number lines to help us and are base 10 manipulatives. We then used are given roles in collaborative group work to calculate word problems involving fractions.


In PE this week we put our coordination skills to the test in a competitive game of bench ball. The children showed great collaboration and teamwork and impressed me with their coordination.


In English this week we started writing our diary entries based on our class text Arthur and the golden rope. To help us get into character we did some hot seating and the children took it in turns to ask the character in the hot seat some questions.


In Art for the last two weeks we have been focusing on the artist Paul Klee. We looked at collage and complimentary colours we then this week created our own Paul Clee inspired collage. The children enjoyed using their cutting skills to create different size shapes to form a collage.