Lime 27th – 1st October 2021

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Non-Chronological report

Maths: addition and subtraction

Science: light 


This week in English we started our poetry unit. We spent the first half of the week looking at performance poetry and watched Michael Rosen perform his two performance poems – Torch and strict. The children were fascinated by his facial expressions and found his poems very funny. We then annotated a poem and highlighted key features. This helped us towards the end of the week when we wrote our own poems about Leon and the place between. The children then perform their poems to the rest of the class.


We started our PE lesson warming up our bodies and thinking about PE this week focusing on ball skills and throwing. We looked at chess passing and being accurate with our aim. 


Lime class enjoyed having a sing song to a French song whilst completing their French learning this week on numbers and continuing their learning of greeting and introducing themselves to each other.


In RE we have been focusing on a Christians golden rule. We decided that this rule was going to be one that we use all the time in the classroom. We had the task of rearranging the words to make the rule. Maybe you could ask your child what the golden rule was and if you want to use it at home?