Lime 28th-1st April 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English: Writing our own playscript

Maths: Fractions as tenths 

Science: Life cycle of a plant 



In Maths this week we started our new unit of fractions. We recapped some learning from year 2 of halves, quarters and thirds. We used multilink cubes to find fractions of a number. As an extra challenge we found 2/3 and 3/4 of amounts. 

We also looked at recapping our understanding of unit and non-unit fractions. The children aced this week and showed a great understanding, well done limeys! 


Our English lessons this week were based around a short animation clip called ‘soar’. We started the week with an interesting gender debate surrounding female pilots. It was great to have such a grown up debate the children showed great maturity and enthusiasm for the discussion. We then used our inference skills and key vocabulary to think about the dialogue that could have happened between both of the characters in the clip. After thinking about this we used those skills to create a playscript. The children explored the key features they would needed to include and drafted their first edit of a playscript.  


In our science learning this week we continued with our learning of plants and their functions. We dissected a flower and looked at the process of pollination and fertilisation. As you can imagine the children loved dissecting the flower head and choosing the correct place on the dissection mat for the parts to go. 


We had great fun in our computing lesson this week created a paper laptop. We had chance to look inside the laptop and all the key features and components that are needed to make a laptop function. 


We looked at jumping and agility this week in our fitness learning. The children learnt some key jumping skills for balance and then created circuits for their peers to use featuring skills from the balancing we had looked at.