Lime 28th – 4th March 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English: setting descriptions 

Maths: length and perimeter 

Science: parts of plants and their jobs 


World Book Day

We had a fabulous day celebrating world book day. Everyone looked amazing! I was blown away by the enthusiasm and effort put into every costume and it made the day so enjoyable. We spent the day looking at lots of different texts and using them as stimulus for our activities. We spent our time looking at here we are by Oliver Jeffers and created a set of rules and posters to explain ways in which we can protect our planet. We finished the day by reading more of our class book  The Creakers by Tom Fletcher.


The class have been such enthusiastic learners this week and show fantastic creativity in their writing. We started a new unit of ocean meet sky. The week started with a surprise package from the fan Brothers. Inside the package was clues about the main characters in the book. We use the clues To help us rights in diary entries and make predictions about the text. I have been so impressed with the vocabulary and ideas that the children have use for their diary entries. They were extremely emotive and nearly brought Mrs Plummer and I to tears!


In geography this week we started our new unit on megacities and located fair top 10 megacities in the world. The children use fantastic map skills to locate the countries that the megacities were based in. It’s safe to say we were all shocked by just how many people live in a big city!


During our maths lessons this week we have continued our learning on statistics. We used data gathered in a tally chart to create our own bar charts. We then looked at interpreting data from tables.