Lime 2nd – 3rd September 2021

Next Weeks learning:

English: Leon and the place Between Рsetting description 

Maths РPlace Value 

Science – Light – How do Shadows Work?


In maths this week we recapped some of our basic understanding and knowledge of times tables and played some times tables snakes and ladders in pairs.


In English this week we focused on writing a recount. We used our first English lesson to plan our recount of something exciting that happened to us during the summer holidays. We then used our second lesson to write up a recount thinking of sentence checklist and adding some exciting adjectives into our writing.


Our PSHE topic this term is about managing our feelings and emotions. We spent our first lesson looking at a range of different feelings and emotions and how they made us feel whether they were comfortable or uncomfortable emotions or feelings. We then used role-play to show and demonstrate a scenario that would make us feel certain to motions and identified that in each other.

Team games

In lower key stage two this week we look at some team games. We used some of the skills we had learn from previous PE units and put them into practice to work as a team to tag the opposition.