Lime 2nd – 5th November 2021

Next week’s learning:

English: The Stone Age Boy – setting description 

Maths: Multiplication and Division 

Science: Animals including humans 


This week in English we started a new unit on the Stone Age boy. This English unit ties in nicely with our history topic of the Stone Age and the children really enjoyed learning more about the Stone Age era through our English text. We started bye looking at the two main characters on the front of the cover. We decided to hotseat the character ‘the boy in the blue jumper’ and the rest of the class really enjoyed asking questions to find out more about why the boy was in the cave. This was a great activity for the children to show their off their dramatic flair. 


This half term lime class are lucky enough to be using the glockenspiels in our music lessons. We started looking at reading music and locating an E on the glockenspiel and then played in time to the music. The children really enjoyed using the instruments are working collaboratively in their pairs.


In our SPAG lessons this week we have recapped vowels and looked at determiners. We started the week off by looking at syllables and counting the syllables in words. As you’ll see from the video the children used the helpful technique of clapping out the syllables to work out which column they needed to go into.

Multi-sports tournament

Well done to the year three and four team that competed in the Bury schools multisport tournament on Thursday evening. You worked collaboratively and showed fantastic encouragement for everyone competing at the tournament. Well done guys, you did All Saints proud!