Lime 31st January – 4th February 2022

Next week’s learning:

English: Planning our non-chrongolical report on natural disasters 

Maths: Calculating amounts of change 

Science: Investigating soil permeability 


During our maths lessons this week we have started our new unit on money. He started the week looking at recognising different coins and moved on to recognising different notes. We discussed their values and played a mini maths game collecting the coins as we went. Towards the end of the week we looked at adding different amounts together and converting between pounds and pence. We also discussed our main piece of key information which is that 100p equals a pound.


During our science lessons this week we looked at formation of soil. We created our very own compost bins. We went outside to collect soil and stains and even hunted for worms. After that we came inside and added some compost waste into our moist soil. The class really enjoyed creating the compost bins and learning more about the formation of soil. 


As part of our DT unit, alarms, we have been learning about different types of alarms and their switches. Last week we created our very own on/off switch and this week we evaluated the switches we had made and how effective they were. The class used great teamwork and resilience whilst created their circuits as they proved a little temperamental at first.