Lime 3rd-6th May 2022

Next Week's Learning:

English: Writing to create suspense 

Maths: Adding and subtracting fractions 

Science: Experimenting with magnets 

Suffolk Farming School of the Year

Here are some pictures from our fantastic trip to Trinity park where we took part in the semi-finals of the Suffolk Farming School of the Year. We took part in five different activities.

  1. CLAAS & Hillfarm Oils – Demonstrating the importance of bees for the production of oil seed rape and the process that oil seeds take to turn into a bottle of cooking oil. You will also be able to be up close to the machinery used to harvest the crop.
  2. “Cook with me kids”  – the children will have the opportunity to make Sunflower and Honey Granola bars to take home. 
  3. Wild Play Ltd – The children will be able to make Bee Bombs.
  4. Food Museum – will be dissecting flowers and explaining pollination
  5. Suffolk Beekeepers Association – to focus on the importance of pollination for producing food (to include tastings of honey.)

The children had an amazing day and learnt so much. They also show cased how fantastic they are and made it through to the finals! 


This week we were ordering fractions on a number line and also finding fractions of amounts using a bar model. The children worked in small groups using base ten to show a visual bar model and finding fractions of a number.