Lime 3rd – 7th October 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

English: writing our own twist of a traditional narrative 

Maths: formal written method for addition and subtraction

Science: Shadows 

Big Question: Why does God not always answer our prayers?


In Science this week we looked at the terms; opaque, transparent and translucent. We discussed how a shadow is formed and then created our own shadows on pieces of paper. The class were challenged to draw round the silhouettes of each other. We were really impressed at how they turned out. 


We have been continuing with our English text of Nen and the lonely fisherman. We got into character as Nen and Pelagios and created freeze frames showing how the character could be feeling. I was able to tap one of the pairs on the shoulder for them to deliver some speech in role. 

We also looked this week at comparing two scenes and the different vocabulary choices we can use to describe each. 

Harvest Assembly