Lime 4th-7th May 2021

Next weeks learning:

English: Arthur and The Golden Rope – First person adventure story

Maths: Time

Science: Forces and Magnets 


In maths this week we looked at identifying Equivalent fractions, we used fraction walls and resources that we made to help us.


In English this week we have looked at planning and writing our own adventure story based on our narrative Arthur and the golden rope. We used synonyms to help us create adventurous and descriptive sentences and used different verb openings to think about different sentence types. 


In computing this week we continued looking at online safety and tips to help us. We created short role-plays giving tips and advice on the dos and don’ts of online safety.


In RE this week the children have been continuing with their clay hands and decorated them in our special gold colour to represent the light from Diwali.  


This week in art the class continued to learn about Paul Klee and his artwork. We then finished our Paul Klee inspired artwork and discussed the complimentary colours we had used.