Lime 4th – 8th April 2022

Summer term learning:

Maths: Fractions – counting in tenths 

English: Arthur and the golden rope – setting description 

Science: Forces and Magnets 


In Art this term we have been looking at mono printing and creating images through print. 

We sketched the images that we thought would be most effective and then sampled them using the printing techniques. 


In our RE learning this term we have been learning about the religion of Christianity. Our big question looked at the symbol of the cross and whether it was a symbol of Love, Sacrafice or commitment. We have been learning more about the Holy week stories and focusing on the betrayal of Jesus from Jedas. This week we used drama to form a debate of the reasons for or against Jedas’ betrayal. 

Easter Church Service

We had a fantastic service on Tuesday, learning more about the Holy Week stories and what we do to celebrate Easter as a way of remembering Jesus and his sacrafice.